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Elliott, Ralph W
32,00 25,60
Manchester University Press, 1989, 2nd edition, 151p, geïllustreerd, met bibliografie en index, linnen hardcover met stofomslag, in zeer...
Darwin, Charles
29,00 23,20
.. of the various countries visited by HMS Beagle Hafner Publishing Company, Pallas vol 2, 1952, facsimile reprint of the first...
Jamieson, EB
29,00 23,20
containing 51 plates E & S Livingstone Ltd, 1947, 7th edition reprint, wat spotting op kaft, goede staat
Osborne, Stafford
25,00 20,00
Charles C Thomas Publisher, 1945, second printing, 780p, illustrated, hardcover (no dustjacket), good condition contents: The effects...
D'Albore, G Ricciardelli
49,00 39,20
Apimondia Publishing House, 1997, 1° ed, 308p, illustrated, with glossary and bibliography, paperback, some wear on the...